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What does Rabenclan stand for?

Rabenclan ("the raven's clan" or "clan of ravens") is a body representing the interests of natural religious people. We stand up for nature-related religions, because we believe that in the 21st century it should be possible for those religions to be explored, discussed and practised free from prejudice. Rabenclan does not claim sole representation of all heathens in the German speaking countries. It is merely one voice among others. Still, Rabenclan does not represent a certain religion or culture, but individuals, groups and pagan traditions of varying character, i.e. witches, Wicca, Asatrú, Neo-Celts, or people who find orientation in Graeco-Roman, Slavic or Shaman traditions. They all can be called "heathens".

We believe that knowing about such religions/cultures and their attitude towards life can enrich today's life and modern society. However, we deal with pagan traditions in a critical manner: We live modern forms of natural religious cultures and ways of life without withholding nor transfiguring the dark sides of pre-Christian societies (e.g. in Europe). We provide information about contemporary (neo-)paganism, bring together people who take an interest in it, and we organise events and meetings.

We inform about contemporary (neo-)paganism and various neo-pagan directions, and we offer knowledge about natural religious cultures. One of our most important objectives is to reduce social prejudice regarding heathens. For example, (neo-)pagans are thought to be satanists, right-radical or "silly nature dreamers" from the esoteric movement.

Within the scope of these topics Rabenclan engages in battle against racist and anti-democratic world views which misuse natural religious terms and traditions. About 70 years ago such ideas (e.g. ariosophy) took political influence and brought barbarism and suffering to the world. Honoring life, one must resist the beginnings in time therefore.

Natural religiousness implies a certain attitude towards the world expressed in responsibility for mankind, animals and plants. Our food is poisoned with pesticids, animals are tortured by way of industrial keeping methods, meadows are buried in concrete, woods are being cut down, and the people living in the southern hemisphare are forced to live in poverty due to unfair economic relationships. This we cannot and will not accept. Therefore, Rabenclan supports the Earth Charter as a minimum basis of political activity.

Natural religious attitude also finds expression in customs, ways of life and in activity. Rabenclan organizes festivals, congresses, workshops and cultural events in order to provide natural religious people with opportunities to meet each other and to share experiences. Various media run by the association help to create networks of and for (neo-)pagan individuals. Moreover, we assist in maintaining and protecting sacred natural sites and cult sites, especially those dating back to pre-Christian times. Seeking to learn from others, we keep in contact with representatives and members of other natural religions outside Europe.

If you are interested in more information, read our preamble or our statutes, or find more details about our structures and activities. If you are interested in a short history of Rabenclan, please click here. (Sorry, not available yet!)

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Mitglied im Rabenclan werden?
Aktiv den Verein mitgestalten, neue Menschen kennenlernen, interne Rundbriefe erhalten, regionale Angebote nutzen, ermäßigte Teilnahme an den Veranstaltungen - wir freuen uns auf Euch!
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Bücherspiegel 2016
Neue englischsprachige Monografie über (neo-)germanisches Heidentum von Stefanie von Schnurbein erschienen. Der Rabenclan wird rund ein dutzend Mal erwähnt. Mehr Informationen hier.

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